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AZ Sting Fastpitch

AZ Sting Fastpitch is a competitive team associated with Scottsdale Miss Softball.

Currently, there are two 14U teams and a 12U team (with another 12U team in process).

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AZ Sting - 14U Dougherty

Team information coming soon.

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AZ Sting - 14U Taggatz

AZ Sting - 14U Taggatz provides a highly skilled coaching staff with members who have experience at the high school and club levels. We run highly structured practices with a strong emphasis on GROWTH along the path to mastery. This includes a focus on solid fundamental mechanics, mental toughness, and team communication. 

Our fall schedule will consist of two to three practices per week (North Scottsdale / North Phoenix area) and two in-state tournaments per month. While we support our athletes being involved in activities and other sports outside of softball, we ask that they view playing with Sting as their primary extracurricular commitment. Our goal is to continue to become increasingly competitive, and we view a high level of dedication as the best way to get there. Our players should be prepared to work hard during practice, as well as outside of practice on their own.

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AZ Sting - 12U Mortimer

Our priority is player development, asking the player what they want to achieve from the game, on and off the field. Every player is different with unique skill sets/goals and it's our responsibility as coaches to help you achieve that. Playing this game should be fun and if you are not having fun with your fellow teammates, building long lasting friendships, then that team may not be right for you.

We plan to play local tournaments on average every 2-3 weeks to start and will eventually travel once we have our feet grounded. All players (existing or new to club) and all positions are welcome.

Finally, practices are normally at Thompson Peak Park or Horizon Park and coaches are non-player leaders.

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AZ Sting - 12U Team

Information on a new 12U team coming soon.

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